Tutorial 5

I will show you guys how to do this

and the post is right here. sorry if it isnt EXACTLY the same because i reedited it to the best of my ability to make this tutorial so it might not be sharpening and colors might not be exactly the same but it looks pretty identical doesnt it? 



1. make a copy of the layer by pressing Ctrl+ J

2. set it to screen and then 50%

3. next, go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation and set the saturation to 10

doesnt look much different. ik. 

4. next, go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color and adjust the following colors

and your picture should look like this

5. you’re going to make another Selective Color layer so go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color again and adjust these colors

also, set this layer to 50% so you should have this

6. Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels and put this in

7. lastly, we will go back and sharpen the picture so click on background (or whatever your first layer is called) and press Ctrl + J

go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen and set this layer to 80%

yaaaay. you’re done! 

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Tutorial 4

how to go from this to 

1. make another layer. press ctrl+j. then go to filter, sharpen, sharpen and set the opacity to 90%

2. go to layer, new adjustment layer, selective color then put in the following configurations

3. go to layer, new adjustment layer, channel mixer and put in the following configurations

so right now it should look like this

4. now go to layer, new adjustment layer, hue/saturation and put this in

5. the next step is brightness. layer, new adjustment layer, brightness/contrast

set the brightness to -30 and the contrast to +32

6. last is selective color. layer, new adjustment layer, selective color. put this in for white

and you should end up with this

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Tutorial 2

how to turn


the post of this picture is right here


i don’t remember exactly what i did so the colors might be a little bit off or the cropping might be different

1. new layer (ctrl + J). softlight.

2. new layer. screen. change it to 50%

3. go back to the background layer and go to filter: sharpen: sharpen

4. go to layer: adjustment layer: selective color

for red, set the cyan to -100 and for yellow, set the magenta to -35

5. then you go to layer: new fill layer: solid color. 

choose a very dark color. i prefer dark purple. then set it to exclusion 

then you set that layer to 50% and you get this

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Tutorial 1

how to get from this to this

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