Smiling pictures are overrated
i feel like this is artsy but idk 
i looked so much better over the summer what the fuck
school makes me ugly
So freaking tired of mcdonalds breakfast so i got this
Im really liking black and white these days
Tired as fuck
this picture actually looks pretty nice
Graduating :)
It’s weird how I don’t realize how much I’ve changed until I’ve looked at pictures of me from the past. I can’t really tell the specific things about me that have changed. All I know is that now I look better. I guess I’ve just matured. My personality’s changed too. Again, I’m not sure how, but I like the way I am now more than the way I was back then. High school has come to an end and I’m just looking back at pictures from freshman year to see how much I’ve changed. Back then, I thought that was the best I could ever look and the best person that I could ever be. I was so wrong. I’ve changed so much. I kind of feel the same way about myself right now, but I hope that in the future I’ll look and act even more mature. 
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