Maybe we should have gone on more dates before we went out. I like you, but not like a lot and I’m worried that it might be a bad thing. Ugh we should have gotten to know each other more first. Maybe I’m just overthinking this. Being with you is also very time consuming and I have things to do. I need go limit the amount of time that we spend with each other.

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Anonymous: did you break up with Ronnie? I'm so confused :(

Yes I did

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I never ask anyone for relationship advice

I hardly even tell anyone what goes on with my relationship these days. When you’re in a good relationship, you should be able to tell him how you feel about anything. When something’s wrong, I’m completely honest. I can tell him exactly how I feel about anything instead of telling someone else and having them giving me advice about what to do. Besides, who knows exactly how I feel other than myself? No one. This is probably why no one knows whats going on with my relationship other than my boyfriend and I. I’m much more capable of keeping things on the down low than I used to be. 

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doing very well in my classes?

all this worrying, getting stressed out, and being so busy made me think that my grades won’t be top notch this semester. but they’re fucking top notch. i’m doing pretty well in academics and extracurriculars, but my goals after this semester is to have more health related extracurriculars. Since this semester was a lot of dance and vsa, I want to work and possible do research or shadowing next semester and over the summer. and hopefully next summer I can get into some summer program since that didn’t work out this summer :P 

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what has four letters and is very hard




This post got really deep really fast

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They shot this 23ft, 1200kg crocodile after he killed 5 fellow villagers, Niger.


Uhhhh nah