It august!

One more month until school. Plsplspls let me secure this research assistant position. If I get this all I have to worry about is having fun and shadowing before school starts and begin the work hard play hard life when school starts.

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I’m a bitch now

I’m getting better at comebacks and I always defend myself and say really mean things whenever I’m not treated right. It’s a form of self defense I guess. I just don’t want to be bullied anymore. Ignoring a problem or being nice to people who make you pissed off is really hard. I can’t do it anymore. I get really really mad at people and I go fucking ham on them. Do I regret it? No because I was being treated unfairly. Do I wish I could forgive and forget so I can avoid being mean? Yes. I can still learn to calm myself down before I turn into a bigger bitch.

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When she see tha D

When You see her see the D

omg cant not reblog this
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spending so much money on things that no one notices is pretty dumb

- expensive car parts when it just makes the car look the same but you think everyone will be jealous that your car looks better than theirs 

- expensive make up that people can’t tell the difference between that and cheap make up

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Preparing for Fall 2014

applied to like 6 research labs and like 3 jobs. gl to me. 

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Using 2 random colors on the top and bottom of my eye from now on to quickly use up all the eyeshadow that I barely ever use.

Just wrote an “about me” for my blog. It’s right on the home page of my blog. Check it outtt. 

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Teemo’s Dad?
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