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A parents sacrifice.

This killed me

this actually made me tear up

Reblogging again because this is so real.
thoughts about school and life in general
  • I’m so happy my bf introduced me to Sardi’s because I found a new place to eat chicken
  • I dread orgo lab every week bc all I do is get confused, copy what everyone else is doing, and break stuff
  • I did/said stupid stuff at the party last Friday, but I’m so ready to do it all over again this Friday
  • Should or should I not go camping with VSA because I have exams the next week and I don’t really like nature 
  • Research still hasn’t started because we haven’t got the money to pay our participants which I’m kinda happy but upset about at the same time
  • This psyc research paper INTRO is taking me forever and it’s ridiculous because it’s supposed to be 3 pages and its only an INTRO
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Fun stuffs
Anonymous: Hi :) What does a normal day look like to you? I'm starting college later this week, and would love to know how you balance exercise, studying, eating, and well just life. Like what time do you wake up, and eat , go to school, come back study/exercise, and sleep. Just a rough outline :D Thanks! xx



04:00 wake up
04:50 leave for work
05:00 arrive at the hospital 
05:05 begin prerounding 
06:00 sign out and chief rounds
08:00 to OR for first case
10:00 finish first case, grab a cup of coffee 
10:30 Rounds with attending 
11:00 to OR for second case
13:00 finish second case and quick lunch 
13:30 Finish attending rounds 
14:00 To surgery clinic 
16:00 Finish clinic, head home
16:30 pick up a couple groceries and head home
17:00 Make dinner for boy
18:00 Eat dinner and relaxing time 
20:30 Work on rotation assignments
22:30 Shower
13:00 Get in bed 
24:00 Stop answering tumblr q’s and go to sleep

And then wake up at 4am tomorrow morning again. 


I like to keep my issues strong - lux
First look fair

I look around and advertised for VSA. So far, the only student org I’m in is VSA and I need to join others. I figured out that I won’t rush for DEM because I don’t have time for it even though it would be beneficial to my resume and connections. But, I found two student orgs that were really interesting. One of them was about teaching science to kids and the other one was a pre-dental society. Quality over quantity, so I’m trying to go to their next meeting and get as involved as possible. Also, I’m going to join the honor society in psychology (Psi Chi) after this semester anyway so there’s some greek letters I can affiliate myself with. 

So those are my extracurricular plans for this semester. Research still hasn’t started, but I’m pretty happy about that because I need a lot more time to study. But, I really hope it does start though because I want the research experience. 

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Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain. (via themilkywhiteway) 304,396 notes
I’m stressed out face
Hectic days

All I do is study for hours and hours for my classes and I have all these study group and tutoring to go to. And I’m gonna have a private tutoring job soon and research is going to start soon. I need to start doing hella homework over the weekend. Goodbye social life (after this weekend bc there’s a vsa party)

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this is so fucking true.



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