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Two Angels in Heaven <3 Eunb & Rise (Ladies Code) :Rest In Peace ~Cr. Blobical
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Venice will be my next destination 

this is the best thing i’ve ever seen holy shit i can’t stop watching it 

i wanna go so bad 

I’ve been on this same route!
I'm Fine Thank You by 레이디스 코드 (LADIES' CODE)
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Picture of us at a party today. 

We spent last semester and all summer together having lots of fun. But, recently its been so different. School started and we both have things to do. However, its only been the first week of school and theres not much homework yet. But, you also got a new puppy which is a lot of work to take care of and because of that you can’t spend as much time with me. All I want to do is have lots of fun when I’m not doing school work, but thats difficult to do when you’re not around. I haven’t been as happy with our relationship as I used to be. But I know you’re trying.

I actually didn’t know about her until today but nothing like this has ever happened in my 5 years of being a kpop fangirl. It’s really sad and I shed some tears myself. I hope everyone that is a fan of her stays strong. 

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photoshopped a little because my eyeliner smeared 
first day of sophomore year of college

I only had one class and it was calc. I have a quiz on precalc and calc next week and I’m trying to study precalc right now. I’m going 100% tryhard in this class because I need an A and I will fucking get it. 

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Turned down because school tomorrow