I hope my boyfriend now is my forever. It’s too early to say, but I can still hope right?

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Can I actually like turn the fuck up all the time when school starts. I just realized that I really like doing that k ty

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by Marie Ek

I can never think about the location of my future house, what my future house would look like, my future car, how many kids I’m going to have, the name of my kids, my future wedding, and other things that my friends have already planned out in their heads. 

I always think about my future career and how I’m going to reach my career goals. I can only think about all the internships, honor societies, shadowing, and volunteering I have to do before dental school. Then, I think about where I want to go to dental school. This is literally all I can imagine in my future. I mean… how are you going to afford all of that without a good career and stable income right? 

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see these two here? they were my maplestory friends from cali 2 years ago and I finally got to meet them 
Cooler than a tesla
I’m up late thinking about moving out of here. My room has cockroaches and i kill maybe like 2 a day and some other bugs too. So i bought cockroach repellent and yeah it killed them and I sprayed it everywhere in my room and I still see them. I just really hate this right now because its summertime and bugs are everywhere. I like my freedom out here though. Away from family and with friends. Its hard to find a place this cheap to live in.

Sometimes when tumblr is right in front of me on my laptop, I choose to go on tumblr on my phone because I’m really lazy.

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Asking if my patient is numb before the procedure


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