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As a college student, currently really hungry with nothing to eat, I understand how hard it can be to get food. Sometimes you really just don’t have the money to eat and when you do, you waste it all on fast food instead of stocking up on cheap things because you’re so tired of Ramen Noodes and canned food you could barf. So, I’ve composed a list of recipes and resources that will fit a college kid’s budget and appetite. Don’t go hungry! <3
Ramen Noodle Recipes:
Ramen Noodle Stir Fry
Sirloin-Snap Pea Stir Fry
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chili Cheese Ramen
Egg Drop Ramen
Spinach and Ramen
Ramen Spaghetti
Ramen Alfredo
Cheesy Ramen Noodles
Mug Meals:
Cheesy Eggs Mug
Cheese and Broccoli Mug
Mac and Cheese in a Mug
Meatloaf in a Mug
Nutella Mug Cake
Cheesecake Mug
Coffee Cup Quiche
Coffee Cup Chilaquiles
Mug Egg Scramble
Microwave Recipes:
Potato Chips
Corn on the cob
Scalloped Potatoes
White Rice
Fried Rice
Baked Potato
Chicken Casserole 
Garlic Chicken
Chicken Soup Casserole
Caramelized Onion Baked Potato
Soft Chicken Tacos
Recipe Generators
My Fridge Food
Fire House Chef
Dinner in 15 Minutes
Advanced recipe Generator
Recipe Matcher
Super Cook
Recipe Puppy
Cook Thing
Recipes by Ingredient
Recipe Key
Not Beans Again
Ideas 4 Recipes
Big Oven
Other Resources
Actual College Student Cookbook
Restaurant Coupons [1] [2] [3] [4]
Free Birthday food [1] [2] 

Anonymous: Do you think you want to specialize in a branch of dentistry?

Maybe. So far, I find general dentistry the most interesting because they do many procedures versus specialists that do only a few procedures over and over again. However, there are some cool specialties out there. Specializing is something I’ll think about in a few years. I’ll need more exposure to the different specialties which would be shadowing or learning about it in dental school. 

Interviews and plans

Well the interviews went great! I was pretty nervous, but I think I did pretty well. The guy that interviewed me at my second interview was sooo good looking. At this point I could end up anywhere. I choose the labs I applied to as much as they choose me and I think the culture lab interests me more. I still l have one more app to finish and I have an article to read. Then I have a couple of other things to do. It’s a pretty busy day for me. I can’t believe school starts in about 2 weeks!

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No make up vs make up
Two interviews on Thursday!

Both for labs that are very interesting and ideal. I honestly would be happy with either one so I hope both interviews go very well so its up to me to decide. I’m so excited because my chance of getting to do research next semester just went up.

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Anonymous: Do mouths not ever gross you out? Just wondering!

I thought it would which is why I was iffy about changing from medicine to dentistry but after shadowing, I did not find people’s mouth’s gross and I have yet to smell bad breath. With gloves and masks, I don’t think being grossed out is ever going to be a problem for me.


Rest In Peace Robin Williams 
Anonymous: Hey! How did you know you wanted to be a dentist? Why exactly a dentist?

I’ve always known I wanted to have a health career. I love helping people and I get very good grades in my science classes. I originally wanted to be a doctor and go to med school but I got very stressed out about the amount of extracurricular activities I had to do. I didn’t want to be stressed out for the rest of my life so I decided to pick something different. I did some research and found out that dentistry had a great job outlook, pay, and hours. Also, you don’t have to go through residency unless you want to do a specialty. I decided to shadow a dentist and orthodontist this summer to figure out if dentistry is for me. I love what they do and I can really picture myself being a dentist.