my D- in calc 2 last semester

I know it’s a really bad grade and it’s hurting me a lot right now but it probably won’t matter so much in the long run because I know I’ll be getting better grades and I’m retaking the class and most things would only consider the new grade anyway. but it just bothers me so much how graduate schools consider both the old and the new grade. that would make it an outlier that pulls my gpa down so much. I really fucked up. But I just gotta keep reminding myself that it won’t matter so much a long time from now. 

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Midterm grades

Chem: 70% (90% with curve) Average: 50%

Physics: 87% Average: 55%

Psyc: 84%  Average: 81%

doing pretty well :D 

but 2nd midterms are in the next two weeks and I don’t think I will do as well :( 

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I remember when I was little I wanted to be hella fucking rich, but now all I want is to make enough money so that my future children don’t have to worry about not having enough money for college like I do right now. It’s extremely stressful and I would never want my children to worry about money at such a young age. 

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Excited for this semester to end

it’s been a tiring semester and its coming to an end very soon. there’s about a month and a half left! I’m looking forward to everything that I’m doing over the summer. I’m really going to focus on doing nails so that I can find a job for the rest of the summer and probably continue during the school year! I got rejected from two internships that I applied for lolol my gpa is that bad. I have 3 more that I’m waiting to hear from: FDA, NIH, and LECS. It would be great to get the research experience but if not, I can apply next year with a better gpa. other than school stuff, based on how winter break and spring break was, I was able to hang out with people back home and people that I met in college pretty often so I expect the same to happen during the summer. pretty sure my mom has planned vacations so im excited for those too :D can’t wait for warm weather and summer! 

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this could be my potential schedule for next semester! im taking either psyc289e or psyc300 but psyc289e only has 12 spots so im signing up for another psyc class just in case :P I’m good to go. I hope I get all these sections that I want… but i’m a little worried about getting waitlisted since i sign up for classes on may 6th and there are many people before me. 

Begin with an 8am chemistry lecture followed by a 9:30 psyc lecture. followed by lunch/studying for chem prelab quiz followed by 2 and a half hour chem lab followed by 4:00 physics discussion followed by 5:00 physics lab followed by 7:00 AMSA meeting followed by 3 hour dance practice

now i’m still up at 2am not tired and looking for scholarships?

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idk if i should go to taste of japan or rip the floor. both of them dont sell tickets at the door which sucks bc i can’t decide last minute if i wanna go or not. id definitely wanna go to rip the floor if both of them sold tickets at the door. maybe i should just go home this weekend and be a bum. 

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