see these two here? they were my maplestory friends from cali 2 years ago and I finally got to meet them 
Cooler than a tesla
I’m up late thinking about moving out of here. My room has cockroaches and i kill maybe like 2 a day and some other bugs too. So i bought cockroach repellent and yeah it killed them and I sprayed it everywhere in my room and I still see them. I just really hate this right now because its summertime and bugs are everywhere. I like my freedom out here though. Away from family and with friends. Its hard to find a place this cheap to live in.

Sometimes when tumblr is right in front of me on my laptop, I choose to go on tumblr on my phone because I’m really lazy.

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Asking if my patient is numb before the procedure


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Ive never gotten strep in my life before and I get it twice this year… 0 notes
Next time I mention I’m interested in surgery


And someone asks me how steady my hands are, I’m just going to tell them that I can put on lipstick while driving 80 on a bumpy freeway.

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Anonymous: did you use eyelid tape to even out your eyelids? or glue? if so, what brand did you use? ^^

Nah I got plastic surgery
Haha jk I don’t do anything to them

What I spend my summer doin
Putting make up on each other

Goodbye June
Hello July