Halloween costume? :)
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a little study break to talk about my life

so last night was really fun and embarrassing. ummm i was somehow convinced that smoking vapor wasn’t bad for you and so i did it and i told myself i would never smoke in my life uhhhhh. 

i figured that i will stop worrying about past bad grades and ill try my best in the future. i’m studying lots for this orgo exam. I actually have lots i have to do but i wanna watch worlds tonight so i better get on this study grind.

whats stressing me out now is being an RA because I actually have to start going to my hours now and start coding things for this research project. recently, i’ve been questioning myself whether this is the kind of research experience dental/med schools look for. im pretty sure my lab coordinator expects more of me but i honestly think getting these coding skills/ other things is enough because i don’t plan to do research in the future. 

i was pretty stressed about the fact that i’m a psyc major and i thought i wouldn’t be able to find a job after i graduate. but i heard about all these internships and jobs that i could do now and it makes me feel better that i have a backup plan for my gap years. the problem is, is that i don’t have time because i’m doing research. these internship programs do sound amazing though and they also give course credit. however, i do want to get at least a year of research experience so ill probably apply for psyc internships after this year. 

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anaconda familyyyy
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Really stressed

Can’t sleep and theres a math exam tomorrow at 9 but im totally prepared.
But I’m doing WORSE in orgo lab :(
Psyc301 midterms should be out soon and idk how well I did on it. If i did bad then im fucked.
Science GPA is too bad right now for all of this to be happening

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Happy homecoming
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