I think this bird got confused when someone told him he belonged in the sky.
He decided to be the sky instead.

"They told me I could be anything.
So I became the sky.”
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Nahh I don’t have time for that

ohoppapls: clever..urfday..

thank you

It’s not earth day. It’s urf day. 4 notes
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Writing this because I can’t sleep

So, I went to my boyfriends house on Sunday and met his parents, uncle, aunt, and adorable little cousins. They were all so nice and the food was amazing. And I ate A LOT. Although his mom said she liked me because I ate a lot, and I’m pretty proud of eating so much and still maintaining my 95 pounds, I’m slightly embarrassed LOL. I’m hanging out with him and his family this friday too and I’m excited. I feel so welcomed like I am part of their family too

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