I actually didn’t know about her until today but nothing like this has ever happened in my 5 years of being a kpop fangirl. It’s really sad and I shed some tears myself. I hope everyone that is a fan of her stays strong. 

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photoshopped a little because my eyeliner smeared 
first day of sophomore year of college

I only had one class and it was calc. I have a quiz on precalc and calc next week and I’m trying to study precalc right now. I’m going 100% tryhard in this class because I need an A and I will fucking get it. 

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Turned down because school tomorrow
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My family friends that I live with had a friend over and I was just sitting at the table eating and she asked me why I didn’t go out like shopping or something because it’s a long weekend. And I was like oh I don’t have any money for that. But then yesterday my brother texted me saying that my credit card came!! I’m excited to get it when I go home next week and of course I’m just going to use it all on food hahaha jk. 

Oh and I received bad news from amazon that I can’t turk anymore because they couldn’t verify my info which was very stupid because I lost $75 and I was so close to my goal of buying doc martens for myself but my bf also turks and he said he’ll buy it for me :D

I was supposed to get some extra cash this week because I’m selling my old textbooks and I’m doing a psyc research study, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned so I will be getting those later. 

For this school year I’ll have to depend on my allowance and my credit card for money, but hopefully next summer I can finally find work to do :D 

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Thanks zoe for inviting me to the first party of the year

It would normally take me about a week home on my laptop to be as bored as I am now but it’s been an entire day and I haven’t gone out. I’m sooooo bored. 

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a-jackass: love your icon! u are 2 kyut

thank you!! :)