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Long time no 😗
After this semester my college career is going to be turned into the right direction

- 3.8 gpa
- Declared neuroscience minor
- Psi chi honor society
- I can officially say I’ve had research experience

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So much studying done!!

I feel so ready for my quizzes and exams!

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[Taeyeon once got asked by a fan, ‘how do we know if SNSD are sad?’. Then Tae answered, “If you do not see Hyoyeon crying, it is not yet emotional.”.]
Cr. Soshified, aprinc07
xtvcy: Pretty swell, I'm trying to apply for the SAT again soon and I got training day for my job tomorrow

Awesomeee get that 2400

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So my school has this thing where we give offerings to our mascot, Testudo, during finals week because legend has it that he’s pretty lucky.


And it’s this pretty cool tradition. But now, well, I think it may be getting a little out of hand….


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